How to use a bread machine

How to use a bread machine

Learning to use a bread machine can be a tricky business, the manual might not tell you anything of importance or help you at all. This quick and easy how to use a bread machine guide will help you to finally be able to use a bread machine. This is a step-by-step guide to having your bread machine function.


I can’t emphasize this enough, not all bread machines are the same. They are of many capacities, shapes and each have a certain uniqueness with different settings and with the size of the bread bucket varying.

For example some bread machines have a “crust” function that allows you to make a crust on bread while others don’t.

Also, you don’t want to add a recipe for a certain amount of bread to a bread machine that has different capacity. So make sure you know your bread machine,capacity, settings etc.

2.) Pick what bread you want to make.

The ingredients you want for a loaf of white bread will be different from the ingredients of garlic bread. So pick the bread you want to make.

3.) Get the ingredients.

Pick the ingredients you need to make your bread. For the sake of clarity in going to use a medium loaf of bread.
For a medium loaf of classic bread
You need yeast, bread flour, salt, water, sugar.

4.) Choose the right amount of ingredients

Choose the right amount depending on your recipe or relative to your Bread Machine. Pick the right amount of ingredients you need for the bread you are making. AND BE AWARE OF THE CAPACITY OF YOUR BREAD MACHINE

You can find out the capacity of your bread bucket by a way you have probably already read about in the internet. As many people use this method to find out the capacity of the bread bucket

Keep adding cups of water to your bread bucket until it is full. Count the number of cups you added. The number of cups tells you the capacity of your bread bucket.

10 cups- 1 lb or less
More than 10 cups: 1.5 pounds

There however are some specific rules I found regarding making bread

a.) First add the water and then add the ingredients in the bread machine

b.) Use bread flour not all purpose, because bread flour is more suitable for making only bread. All purpose is blended so that it can suit many purposes.

Add the yeast last, the best idea would be to create a place in the mix where the water can not first get to the yeast before the machine starts mixing, as this makes the yeast react before the machine starts mixing

5.) use the Knead setting and allow the dough to be stretched and kneaded.

First allow the dough in the bread machine to knead (with the kneading blades there) and stretch. After the time is done for the kneading.

Then turn on the heat to allow the bread to finally be made

Heat the mixture for how long you want it to heat. Most bread machine manuals give time for how long you have to heat the dough.

Cooling bread

When you take the bread out of the bread machine, let it cool for about 20 minutes. This is so the water in the bread will dry more, and make the bread more edible

For whatever bread you make, serve and enjoy :).

Best Bread Maker Buying Guide of 2016

The best bread maker?

Bread machines are something that many more people need to know about. Why you ask? Well because bread machines get the have many things that regular store bought bread does not have. That is because you can make whatever type of bread of you like. Also there is no way to beat this type of freshness. Yes you can buy fresh from a bakery but it still has to wait in the car as you come home, but with bread machines it goes from the being made to going into your tummy! Yummy! There are many bread maker reviews but none can compare to those one our site, Top Bread Machines. Continue reading to learn about the different things about the Best Bread Machines anyone has to offer! You can find the best bread maker today by using our quick and easy guide.


So as I said in the previous paragraph regarding general bread machines, with bread machines you have customization. There is Beer Bread which is made with, well as the name implies, beer! But if you are too young for alcohol or just want to stay away from it, there is Chocolate Chip Bread! Which pretty much everyone will love, young or old! Sweet, great and amazing. For those who want to make dinner with it, there is Pizza Bread. Since snacks and non-full-meals will always do the trick there is Pizza! Make delicious warm, soft, or crusty bread for your pizza.


The great thing about bread machines is that they can pretty much cover all your needs. It is just finding the one for you. Bread machines prices differ in many ways. You can find prices from 60$-300$. Which is definitely not the most expensive things out there. Obviously with the price comes quality. So towards the 300$ you’d see very well baked, shaped nice and even, and kneaded very well. And the lower from there usually means the more lacking it is. Though many would think that size would directly correlate with the bread machine, but even some of the Best Bread Machines can be pretty small. The features and programs that the bread machine comes with, does have correlation to price. The more features and settings/programs a bread machine can/or does increase price for a bread machine. So if you’re looking to make very simple and non-complex bread, you can drop the price and still have a viable bread machine to fit your needs.

Kneading Paddles

Kneading Paddles are what are used to actually knead the bread. Paddles come in many different sizes and shapes. Some bread machines need specific ones. Yet others can be worked with many different types. Kneading Paddles also can differ in what kind of Bread Machine Mixes you are using. Most bread machines come with at least one but two is the most optimal for kneading bread the best way. Though some people do like to knead the bread with their hands which is a viable option. Just remember when using a paddle to remove it before the baking cycle begins otherwise you’ll end up with a hole inside your bread!