Bread Maker Reviews – Best Bread Makers 2016

A bread maker is a machine that processes flour and water and a mix of other ingredients into bread. Sounds simple, right? Well with a multitude of different bread machines and makers to choose from, which one is the best bread machine?

The answer really depends on which type of bread and which qualities and attributes you are looking for in a bread machine, are you looking for a bread machine that can create large 3-pound breads? or a bread machine that create smaller 1-pound breads that are easier to bake and cook?
All of these are important to your decision to buying a bread machine. Make sure you are well informed before trying to buy a bread machine! Read our great bread machine reviews to inform yourself on bread machines.

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The most important things to think about when buying a bread machine

  • Does anyone you plan to give bread to have gluten intolerance? If so then buying a conventional bread machine may not be enough for you. You may require a mix that is gluten free and a special baking cycle that will allow you to create bread that is edible with no gluten.
  • Buying a bread machine on a budget? cheap bread machines don’t have to lower than standard quality if you buy the correct ones. Check out our top bread machines buying guide in the “Guides” page
  • What sort of bread do you want to make? A horizontal bread? A round bread? there are a variety of bread machines that can serve multiple purposes such as the ones featured on this site, check out our buying guide to make sure you are informed!

Optimizing your Bread Machine

  1. Make sure to buy the best ingredients and mix them together thoroughly. Buying a bad mix or bad ingredients will harm the quality of your bread that you produce. Bread is meant to be enjoyed. If you mess up the ingredients your bread may end up under-cooked and under-appreciated! Be sure to look at our guides to using a bread machine first at Best practices and beginners tips to using a bread machine
  2. Clean your bread machine before using it, cleaning the bread machine will prevent you from collecting up grime and excess flour and mix from the previous bread that you made with the bread machine. The bread machines will work much better and faster if you clean the bread machine first. This also has the added benefit of increasing the longevity of the bread machine, making it last longer.
  3. The best way to save energy and the earth is to power off your bread machine after using it. If you don’t power off your bread machine you may end up losing a lot of money and power to a bread machine that isn’t doing anything buy idling and will cost you a lot of extra money. Turn off before you leave the kitchen.

Types of Bread Machines

  • Cheap Bread Machines are bread machines that cost less than 100$, cheap bread machines are not necessarily bad and in-fact they can be quite useful for people on a budget.
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  • Horizontal bread machines are bread machines that make large horizontal loafs like a typical store bought loaf of bread. These are good for those who have adequate space in their kitchens.
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  • Small bread machines are bread machines that can feed one or two people. These are small bread machines that can produce 1 or 2 pound loaves and are good for those who don’t have much real estate in their kitchens.
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  • Large bread machines are great for larger families and those who have the space for a bread machine. These bread machines can create 4-6 pound loaves and they are great for larger families.
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  • Gluten-Free bread machines are bread machines that have the capability to make gluten free bread. These types of bread machines are great for people who are gluten intolerant (Celiac’s disease) or are on a gluten free diet.
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Best bread makers by type

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3. Best Small Bread Machine
4. Best Large Bread Machine
5. Best Gluten-Free Bread Machine

Why should I buy a bread machine?

Bread machines can save a lot of money in the coming years. A bread machine will replace your weekly groceries for bread purchases for years to come! Let’s say a loaf of bread costs 5$ and you decide to buy groceries every 2 weeks. You buy 3 loaves of bread with each grocery trip. In 5 years you will save nearly $2,000 Dollars! That’s a good amount of money you could be using for something else other than buying loaves of bread!

Owning a bread machine also ensures that you have total control of what ingredients go into your bread

Bread Machines can also be used for many other purposes and not just baking bread. You can make dough for other purposes like making a pizza or Italian style bread. There is an entire list of types of bread I think of:

  • Pizza Dough
  • Cookie Dough
  • General All-Purpose dough
  • Banana Bread
  • Croissants
  • Pies
  • Cakes
  1. Bread Machines are also easier to clean up than just buying ingredients for bread and are easier to clean up and will make your life easier. When normally making bread many people end up messing up many ingredients and spilling them, a bread machine can do all this and more for you because a bread machine is all self-contained and will do all the work like mixing, kneading, setting and baking the dough all for you.
  2. Bread Machines also come with good recipe books which you can use to bake high quality bread to serve to you and you family and with a good recipe book designed for a bread machine you can be making the best bread on earth today!
  3. Customers who have special needs can use bread Machines to make gluten-free bread, bread machines can save you a lot of money from having to buy gluten-free products in the store, furthermore you can make extra money from selling said gluten free bread in a store!
  4. You can use bread machines to make more than just bread, some bread machines have the capability to make other wheat based foods. You can use certain bread machines to make steamed buns, noodles and Chinese rice along with other foods. Seems like bread machines have a lot more uses than simply making bread and it begs the question why are they even called bread machines when they can do so much more!

Look at our comprehensive guide to buying a bread machine and our how to use a bread machine guide today to find one you will enjoy.